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Google ads are the first seen in search, and they look like this. We manage, write, and make sure your ad is clicked.

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Use our PPC Services and don't pay Google for bad clicks wasting your money.

The SEO Contractor is a full-service Pay Per Click company who ties your Google paid ads directly to your website. With a comprehensive approach, our team of PPC experts will target the correct searches, write ad copy that gets clicked, and deliver customers directly to your managed website for conversion.​

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The average cost per click in the home improvement business1


The most expensive home improvement industry keyword1

Local service companies are paying to be at the top of Google, and you must be there to compete with them. We make sure they click your ad instead of the competition. People searching have a choice, and we help them choose you.

PPC Agency

If You Think People Don't Click

Then You Are Wrong

Google makes most of its revenue on pay-per-click ads, and our PPC Agency does it right.


People have options when searching, and they do not always click the ads at the top, but that does not mean the ads are not being clicked. It is best to be everywhere rather than limit yourself regarding online marketing, increase your odds of being found and drive instant traffic.

Our PPC management company will help your clicks become customers.


We understand your target audience and give them the right message to help them choose you. Once they click your ad, we drive them right to your website, where we can build trust in your brand and convert them into actual customers.

Man Measuring Window

Targeted Keywords


of people are more likely to click a paid advertisement at the top of Google2

Although Google is ever-changing with its platform, one thing remains, and that is the fact that people use words to search. Even if they use voice search, they do so by speaking keywords. It is very easy to get the wrong clicks by choosing the wrong keywords. We specialize in targeting the correct words for your customer's search.

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of clicks on paid ads are consumers looking to buy something right away3

People do not always click the ads on Google, but those who do are typically ready to buy. It is easy to lose your clicks to the competition just by how the ads are written. We make sure that your ads are chosen first because we have experience writing ads that provide value for your customer. 





of mobile searches are likely to call a business using a link from search results4

Once you have enticed your potential lead into clicking your ad, you must convert them to a call. This is where the real judgment happens because now you have to build trust in your brand. We make sure to drive your leads directly to the information they need while at the same time earning their trust to contact you.

Switching Roofs

Real Customers

​Your customers are looking at your entire business, and clicking your ad is often step one to finding you. Our job is to send them to the right place on your website to build trust in your brand. Many PPC companies create squeeze pages not on your website with random tracking numbers only to prove someone called. Our concern is bringing customers who have vetted your brand, not proving calls by squeezing them to contact.

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​What You Get With Your Pay Per Click Ads

Highly targeted Google ads that are well thought out, tested, and measured to drive consistent instantaneous business. We don't worry about click volume as much as quality.

  • Correctly targeted keywords. People search using keywords, and this is the basis for PPC ads. We make sure you don't waste money using the wrong ones.

  • Ads that will entice clicks. There is much psychology to writing ads, and with up to 4 options for people to click, we make sure your ads are chosen.

  • Landing pages on your actual website. Your website is the hub of your business. We make sure to drive your ads directly to pages that will convert.

  • Customer calls who are ready, not random. It is so easy to run ads and get a lot of junk calls and clicks. We focus on delivering purchase-ready customers.

Why Choose The SEO Contractor

We administer a broad spectrum of the most dependable pay-per-click ads, website design, development, hosting, SEO, and social media marketing for your business.


We can work with companies from anywhere in the United States. Our team of professionals can capture your audience precisely, utilizing strategic digital marketing services that will improve your clients' engagement with your company.

Other Marketing Services

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Tell Us Your Needs
Results-Orientated PPC

that will stand out from the competition, then build trust in your company brand.

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We create various ads that we test and measure to draw clicks from people searching for your industry. We write and target our ads to find potential customers, entice them, and teach them about you.


The SEO Contractor places tremendous importance on building value in you. Our goal is to consistently generate leads that turn into actual customers and grow your business above your competitors.

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One easy monthly price to get real

experts bringing you customers.

Facebook Ads Versus Google Ads

Read the full article on our blog:


It's no secret that an effective paid advertising campaign can significantly impact your profits and sales. 


If you're thinking about launching a PPC campaign, Facebook and Google are the two leading platforms to connect with your ideal customer persona. 


A common question of many business owners is how they should spend their ad budget - on Google Adwords PPC or Facebook paid advertising?


Unfortunately, this question is open-ended because each advertising platform is very different from the other. 


Factors To Consider


According to Alexa, Google is the most popular website in the United States. YouTube, a Google property ranks second, and Facebook ranks fifth. As you might imagine, these sites carry the bulk of internet traffic, so advertising makes sense.


Factors such as your advertising budget, acquisition costs, your product, and your offer also influence your company's best advertising move.


If you're working with a small or somewhat limited advertising budget, you want to maximize every dollar you invest while keeping tight control over your overall spend. 


Social Media Ads are an attractive option for most businesses because of the flexibility and ease of use their ad system offers. 


Businesses and individuals can set up a campaign and run it for as little as one dollar a day. While a low ad budget might not set immediate sales records, it offers a way to increase brand awareness and exposure to your ideal customer persona. 


In addition to offering low start-up expenses, their ads system setup is straightforward. User-friendly to laypeople, the system walks you through all steps of creating the ad, which is similar to creating a new post or update, with a few extra steps.


Google Ads also has a low barrier to entry as far as budgets are concerned. However, their ad system is more complex and can feel overwhelming for people who feel intimidated or uncomfortable with technology. 


Regardless of what amount of money you plan to spend on Google Ads, you'll need to feel comfortable and confident learning and using their ad system to reap the benefits.


Professional Ad Campaign Management Services


For many business owners focusing on other critical areas of growing their company, learning these ad systems can be time-consuming and frustrating. 


But just because you're reluctant to dive into these ad systems doesn't mean you have to miss out on the chance to reach a broader audience and boost your sales. 


Professional PPC services and ad management empower you to get into the advertising mix without the headaches and hassle of learning multiple ad systems and ensuring that all aspects of your ad campaigns get set up correctly. There is no reason to blow your ad budget when you can trust your campaigns to professionals!

Question 2
Follow These Tips and Improve Your Paid Search

Read the full article on our blog:

PPC, paid search, pay per click advertising


Are you thinking about using a paid search campaign to promote your business, product, or service? If so, optimizing your pay-per-click advertising ad for greater success is key to profitability.


Connect With Your Ideal Customer Persona


Major search engines like Bing and Google carry an abundance of internet search traffic, making it a ripe environment for connecting with your ideal customer persona. 


To not pay for PPC clicks from off-topic or non-qualified visitors, you'll need to manage your campaigns quite carefully to eliminate waste. Mismanaged PPC ads are just as expensive - and in many cases - more costly than a managed account. 


Messaging Matters


Paid search ads offer advertisers a limited character count for the headline and ad copy, so it's critical to choose the right words to prompt a potential lead to click through on your ad. 


Additionally, you'll want to choose the best keywords and ensure the landing page the visitor arrives on is functioning correctly, is relevant, and delivers on the promise made in the PPC ad. 


For instance, if your ad promises a gift and free shipping on all orders placed at your site, the last mistake you want to make is inadvertently charging shipping fees once they've gone through the checkout process. 


You don't want to make prospects feel like an ad misled them or violate any terms of service that could disqualify you from using the ad platform in the future.


Since you'll get charged for every click on the ad, you'll want to make sure the content and copy you use resonates with your target audience. 


While sensational and too good to be true ads and offers are fun in theory, when you're paying for clicks and not converting the sale, all you'll get left with is an expensive ad bill.


Select The Right Demographics


To avoid overspending on your PPC campaign, the first thing you'll want to do is define your target audience. 


You can eliminate any traffic sources that aren't relevant to your business or offer, so you don't overpay for unqualified clicks. 


For instance, let's say you own a cleaning service that serves a specific Metropolitan area. The only PPC ad traffic you should feel comfortable with paying for are people in this physical, demographic area. 


PPC Ads Are An Investment


PPC advertising offers companies of all sizes a way to grow their business with some help from technology. 


In many cases, a successful PPC agency makes a significant impact on the company's bottom line. As an investment, the valuable industry data contained within these campaigns help you build a stronger business foundation online. 


Want to get a heads up on your competition? Contact the PPC experts at SEO Contractor today!

Question 3
Getting The Most From Your PPC Manager

Read the full article on our blog:

When you need to get your branding message out to your ideal customer persona, it's often sensible to rely on an expert. In industry circles, these experts are often called PPC managers. Their primary goal is running successful paid search and PPC campaigns for clients.


With a reputation for being wizards who never met a spreadsheet they couldn't master, these professionals know what it takes to increase website traffic get qualified leads, conversions, and sales from your visitors. 


Building A Strong Relationship With Your PPC Manager


Despite their skills, PPC managers aren't magicians or mind readers. To help you establish a profitable and mutually beneficial relationship, here are a few suggestions to follow.


Be Open About Your Business Model 


Since your PPC manager is responsible for your ad budget, providing them with as much information about your business model is a good idea. 


With this data, they can apply their experience, technical knowledge, and creativity to develop a highly targeted PPC campaign that converts. 


Be Receptive To Exploring Multiple PPC Programs


While Google is one of the oldest and most established PPC networks, it is by no means the only game in town. Your PPC management company might suggest exploring other ad networks, including Facebook, Capterra, Twitter, Reddit, or the Microsoft network, depending on your business model or product and service offerings. 


Be Patient With Your PPC Manager


Undoubtedly, you're going to be excited about working with your PPC manager. And, you might have a hundred questions about your campaigns. It's understandable because your marketing budget hangs in the balance. 


While you might feel inclined to frequently call or Email with questions or to follow up on your PPC ad progress, 

you have to give some amount of freedom for your PPC manager to do their job without interruptions.


It takes time to gather meaningful data for reporting, and each new PPC ad starts from scratch. For this reason, most PPC managers might suggest A/B testing or running a focused campaign or two to gain initial insights and analytics. 


Once the ad system collects enough meaningful data, your PPC manager will evaluate it to determine what steps should get taken next. 


For instance, when running an A/B test if version A outperforms version B significantly, your manager might decide to deactivate version A in favor of putting your ad budget towards version B.


If neither ad is hitting targets, they could pause the campaign to evaluate what's happening and make adjustments to improve the results.


Oh, The Places You'll Go!


When you want to increase your results online, working with a skilled SEO Contractor gets you on the road to success! Reach out today if you're ready to take your business to the next level.

When Your ADS ARE CLICKED do they turn into CUSTOMERS?

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1. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: The average cost-per-click (CPC) in the home improvement industry is $6.40 and the most expensive home improvement industry keyword CPC is $320. (HubSpot via Ahrefs and WordStream, 2020). The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the HubSpot website is changed, removed, or incorrect.

2. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: People are also 52% more likely to click on a paid advertisement at the top of Google’s search results. Source: Disruptive Advertising. The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the Serpwatch website is changed, removed, or incorrect.


3. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: Attract the right people. Around 65% of all clicks on paid ads come from people that are looking to buy something right away. The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the Serpwatch website is changed, removed, or incorrect.

4. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: 70% of mobile searches are also likely to call a business through a link from the results. Source: Valve And Meter. The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the Serpwatch website is changed, removed, or incorrect.

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