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The SEO Contractor

"We Bring Customers To Weatherford, Texas Businesses."

Digital Marketing Company Weatherford TX


Local people search to find you online.

You need more than one marketing source.

Your company must be seen online in Weatherford.

So more local people build trust in you.

You need professionals working for you.

A marketing team that gets you found online.

Digital Marketing Agency Hoboken NJ

Why our Weatherford, TX agency is so good at digital marketing.

The SEO Contractor expanded our business in Weatherford, Texas in 2013, and we are excited to help local customers. We have worked with tons of companies and we really understand how local business is done. We are family-owned and operated, and our team is comprised of great people who live right in Weatherford. Our main goal is to make sure your local business is getting new business online!

Digital Marketing Company Hoboken NJ
Weatherford Business? Let's Talk.

We are ready to help you, but are you ready to trust us?

Let us understand your company and we will show you our plan to help.

Message us or schedule a call, so we can give you a FREE consultation. 

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"Many of our customers have had a bad experience with other marketing companies. We get it. The success of our business relies solely on the growth of yours!"


"We are determined to earn your trust. Our company only works with one industry per area. Your competition is also our competition; let's go to war together!"


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Our Company's Story

In 2011 our digital marketing agency was born as The Kortes Group, LLC by brothers John Kortes and CJ Kortes. We also formed a DBA name, The SEO Contractor, and began delivering digital marketing services to local businesses. We have been in business for ten years, and our company and our services have grown. We expanded into Weatherford, TX, in 2013 when one of our owners moved his residence, Weatherford. Our digital marketing agency offers online marketing services for your business like websites, SEO, and PPC.

We would love to continue helping local Weatherford businesses to gain more business through online marketing. The SEO Contractor believes first and foremost in the power of a company website at the top of Google. SEO, PPC, and Social Media are very strategic. We deliver a complete marketing package, and while we work to get you to the top of Google, it also makes sense that we bring you traffic and exposure with paid ads.

John and CJ are still the head SEO specialists with ten plus years of experience each, and we lead a team of contractors and partners who make sure your business success is the top priority. Weatherford, TX businesses should come to us if they've had horrible experiences with other firms. It's incredible how many marketing companies cannot provide transparency, compassion, or results for small businesses. We have seen websites come to us with horrible rankings, yet they have been paying someone for marketing work.

We love helping local Weatherford businesses by delivering both results and transparency. See for yourself, and contact us today for a free consultation.

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The SEO Contractor expanded our web design services to local Weatherford, TX, in 2019. We understand the power of a robust website for your business. Your website is the hub of your company, and you need it to speak to your customers. It's time for your company website to begin working for you online.

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Weatherford, TX

A beautiful website is a waste if it is not at the top of search engines. Web designers must also be great at Local SEO because they go hand in hand. Make sure your website is moving to the top of Google in the Weatherford, Texas area.


Get found in Google by letting us manage your PPC ads. With Google AdWords, we will target the local Weatherford, TX area, and drive additional leads to your website. Attempting paid ads yourself can lead to wrong clicks and wasting your budget. 

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