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Carl Kortes Sr., Chairman

For over 35 years Carl worked in the bridge and highway industry, moving up from the survey crew all the way to Vice President of Construction for North Tarrant Infrastructure, LLC. in 2011. Carl brought to the team years of experience in the construction industry. His ability to lead employees and manage job costs across many huge projects is why Carl is such a tremendous asset to our team. Before his passing in 2015 he helped transform his two sons into the entrepreneurs they are today! 

Carl Kortes Jr., CEO

Carl Jr., known by most as C.J., has tremendous experience in the marketing industry. He attended Savannah College of Art and Design with a major in film & television. After spending several years running the print department for Chansen Printing C.J. decided to join forces with his brother running a web design agency. The business was initially a freelance gig which grew 200% in 6 months after the merger. Today they are still business partners and best friends growing a business they built together.  

John Kortes, President

Around 2008, John was working with his father at Webber, LLC., as the North Dallas Area Equipment Coordinator. He was in charge of the location of every piece of equipment and how much it cost to run or sit idle. This position forced him to manage teams and work with portions of the project budgets. John always followed his brother C.J. and his genuine desire was in digital art. He soon left Webber and became a freelance graphic designer. In 2011, the brothers joined forces and hadn't stopped since.

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