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The SEO Contractor is an advanced web design company with a fantastic design crew that produces innovative, compelling websites that captures your audience, increases your conversion percentages, maximizes your income, and obtain your goals.

Small businesses are frequently uncertain of how to attain the ample potential of their online presence. We help businesses by reconstructing their website from an online pamphlet into a robust digital marketing stage. This provides our customers the capability to positively embrace technology to lure their perfect clients and effectively advance their business.

The Process: Website Design

What makes The SEO Contractor different is that we connect the strength of aesthetic and functional design with a compelling and engaging text to deliver you a fabulous website. Before we begin on your website, we do a thorough SEO analysis, which enables us to develop content with relevant keywords and additional proven SEO methods right from the commencement. The blend of Design + Text Copy + SEO take our websites to the next level and establishes our customers apart from the competitors.

Over half of all website traffic originates from mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Visitors will leave your website and are highly unlikely to come back if your website doesn't display accurately on those tinier screens. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you're probably losing a lot of sales.

What You'll Get With Your Website Design

Below are several of the services we deliver when producing a website tailored to your company:

  • Custom website design that ends with a site that is visually appealing, simple to use, optimized, turns visitors into buyers, is mobile-friendly, and supports growth over time.

  • Mobile-friendly web design. Fifty-two percent of every internet search in the US begins from mobile devices, and Google is pushing out its mobile-first algorithm. Our team will design a site that looks and performs exceptionally on all screen sizes.

  • SEO-optimized. We build our websites using trusted white-hat SEO practices.

  • Prominent calls to action that assist users in finding the information they need and transforms these visitors into customers.

  • Copywriting services that form your brand and tell your narrative while attracting website traffic, using SEO-friendly best practices.

Why Choose The SEO Contractor


We administer a broad spectrum of the most dependable website design, development, hosting, and SEO/PPC marketing solutions for your business. We can work with companies from anywhere in the United States. Here at The SEO Contractor, our team of professionals can capture your audience precisely, utilizing strategic digital marketing services that will improve your clients' engagement with your company.

Our website team produces results-orientated websites that will be visually intriguing and engaging and will convert your visitors into paying customers for your company. The varieties of websites that we create are customized to match your brand to portray the look and feel of your company. Engaging, functional, and responsive, The SEO Contractor places tremendous importance on usability and convenience. We build our websites to be fast-loading, mobile responsive, and search engine optimized. We intend to continually generate traffic that will grow your business above your competitors'.


You will get Free advice directly relating to your companies SEO strategy, and the time to ask any questions that may have. You can take this info and do SEO yourself or...
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Phase - 1

The research/planning phase is an essential section of your SEO campaign. We will learn about your current website's situation and any challenges that may present themselves. Next, we do keyword research choosing words that we know we'll have a chance ranking. Many times other SEO providers will target words that are unachievable for the website at its current stage. Every website is provided a score by Google, and this score determines the sites competitive advantage.  As we increase domain authority for the website more keyword potentials will present themselves.​

The Research Steps


  • Website Audit
    (Full analysis created of the site in its current state.)

  • Keyword Research
    (Using accurate data we determine the best keywords that can rank.)

  • Competitor Analysis
    (To beat the competition you have to learn their methods.)

  • Develop Backlink Profile
    (We learn how many backlinks the site currently has and the quality of those links.)

  • Web Copy Adjustments
    (Team of writers will adjust and add more web copy for search engines to crawl.)

  • Optimize Meta and ALT tags
    (We'll properly adjust all meta and ALT tags throughout the site.)

  • Site Speed Check/Fix
    (If needed we'll optimize the site's images to improve the load time.)


Phase - 2

Based on your desired SEO budget our team will analyze the campaign each month providing necessary deliverables to best improve the sites rankings. These SEO services are designed to create authoritative content and a natural backlinking profile desired by Google.


(Recurring Monthly)

SEO Deliverables


  • Guest Posting
    (We write articles on high authority publication sites which link back to your site with relevant content.)

  • In-Content Links
    (You'll get 24 100% unique articles published on tier 1 blogs with 48 in-content backlinks.)

  • High Authority Sidebar Links
    (Our established relationships with webmasters allows us to achieve homepage sidebar links on authoritative sites.)

  • Press Release Distribution
    (We create newsworthy press releases that are shared to the Associated Press and picked up by tons of reputable news outlets.)

  • On-Site Blogging
    (Websites with an active blog tend to outperform sites without one. We write unique content monthly and publish to your site's blog.)

  • Video Creation & Publishing
    (From basic slideshow videos to professional hired actors and scripts we create shareable videos for YouTube.)


Phase - 3

Transparency is crucial for any SEO campaign. First, it shows where your budget is being used. Second, not knowing the SEO work performed on your site can become problematic if you ever switch web/SEO providers in the future. Like a credit score, it only takes one mistake to ruin the rankings that took months to establish. Each month you will receive an executive report that will list the work performed as well as the keyword ranking improvements.


Executive Reports


  • Backlink/Content Summary
    (Your report will show you all content created for that period plus the backlinks acquired.)

  • Keyword Rankings
    (This aspect of the report will show the performance of each targeted keyword and its movement compared to the previous month.)

  • Google Analytics
    (Lastly, a fully comprehensive breakdown of your sites traffic and their behavior.)

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