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Your small business web design must build trust.


The SEO Contractor is an advanced web design company with a fantastic design crew that produces innovative, compelling websites that capture your audience, build trust, increase your conversion percentages, maximize your income, and obtain your goals.​ Your website will be remembered with our search engine optimization. Our SEO strategy will help you with google search visibility and will bring in more business for you!

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Of first impressions are design-related1


Of consumers judge a company by their website design2

Most small business websites are basic. They sit on the internet doing nothing. But your company is not basic. So isn't it time for your website to work?


If You Deny The Importance.

Your Customer May Deny You.

Small business web design services are grossly underrated by many companies.



It's hard to see the value when you don't appreciate the product, to not appreciate your website is the same as not valuing your business. This is because a website is a complete representation of your company often the first thing seen by your customer. Choosing The SEO Contractor as your web developer will allow you to reach your targeted audience. Our search engine optimization will increase your online presence through many services, including custom website design backed by research.

Web services for small business

We help businesses deliver their message by reconstructing their website from an online pamphlet into a robust digital marketing stage. This allows our customers to embrace technology to reach their perfect clients and effectively advance their business positively.

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Website Design


Of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience3

Having a bad or bland website could be sending your potential customers right to your competition. This is why we focus on the viewer's experience. We connect the strength of aesthetic and functional design with compelling and engaging text to deliver you a fabulous website.

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Words of content get 3X more traffic, 4X more shares, and 3.5X more backlinks4

Believe it or not, people like to read the content on your website. This is because they are trying to build trust in your business, and the only way to do that is to learn who you are. Your website content explains how you operate, the services you deliver, and your integrity. Not all companies are the same, even in the same industry. This is your chance to show why you are unique.

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Search Optimized


Of people surveyed say SEO is better than PPC for generating sales5

Before we begin on your website, we do a thorough SEO analysis, which enables us to develop content with relevant keywords and additional proven SEO methods right from the commencement. The blend of Design + Text Copy + Onsite SEO takes your website to the next level and helps push it up in search engines over your competition.​

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Mobile Website Design

Over half of all website traffic originates from mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Visitors will leave your website and are highly unlikely to come back if your website doesn't display accurately on those tinier screens. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you're probably losing a lot of sales.

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​What You Get With Your Website Design

Custom website design that is visually appealing, simple to use, optimized, turns visitors into buyers, is mobile-friendly, and supports growth over time.

  • Mobile-friendly web design. Fifty-two percent of every internet search in the US begins from mobile devices6, and Google is pushing out its mobile-first algorithm. Our team will design a site that looks and performs exceptionally on all screen sizes.

  • SEO-optimized. We build our websites using trusted white-hat SEO practices. We optimize how Google wants, which is a focus on relevant content.

  • Prominent calls to action assist users in finding the information they need and transforming these visitors into customers.

  • Copywriting services form your brand and tell your narrative while attracting website traffic, using SEO-friendly best practices.

Why Choose The SEO Contractor

We administer a broad spectrum of the most dependable website design, development, hosting, and SEO/PPC marketing solutions for your business.


We can work with companies from anywhere in the United States. Our team of professionals will capture your audience precisely, utilizing strategic digital marketing services that will improve your clients' engagement with your company.

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Results-Orientated Websites

that will be visually intriguing, engaging, and will convert your visitors into paying customers for your company.

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The varieties of websites that we create are customized to match your brand to portray the look and feel of your company. Engaging, functional, and responsive, The SEO Contractor places tremendous importance on usability and convenience.


We build our websites fast-loading, mobile responsive, and search engine optimized. Our goal is to continually generate traffic that will grow your business above your competitors'.

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What are web design services?

Read the full article on our blog:


As a web design company and web designer myself of over ten years, I would like to explain what is involved in delivering web design services to a customer. Although every designer might be a little different, web design services require pretty much the same approach across companies. I believe that to understand web design, it is most important first to understand the purpose of a business website. For the sake of this article, I'm not going to speak on eCommerce websites but instead focus on lead driven sites. When approaching your company's website, you must put yourself in the mindset of both Google and your target customer.


Google will rank your website based on the relevance of your content because they know this is what your customer is looking to see. Your customer does not want generic content about your business, because they are on a mission to find the most trusted company to deliver the services they are looking to purchase. You may wonder why this is important when explaining web design services, but it is an essential aspect of building a great website. Below I have listed what I feel are the critical services involved when designing a great business website.


A Secure Website That You Own


Every website designed is built typically using a platform like WIXWord PressWeeblySquare Space, etc. Many designers use programs like Photoshop to create graphic elements that they import into the development platforms above to build a website. These platforms are merely tools to help a designer build and develop the site. None of these are drastically better than the other, and all offer pros and cons. Web designers tend to find the platform they are most comfortable with and promote that to their customers.


The SEO Contractor chooses to build many of our websites using WIX, and we have a laundry list of pros as to why we do this. We believe that if another designer chooses a different platform, there is nothing wrong with that if they are more comfortable. We suggest that the most critical aspect of choosing your web platform should ensure security as well as ownership access. One of the reasons we choose WIX is because of the protection they offer, and we have never had a site of ours hacked. The second reason we use WIX is for our customers, so they feel comfortable that they can access and own their website. We have had many customers come to us with sites that their previous designer owns and will not give them access. With WIX, it is so easy for a non-designer to access and understand in the worst case that they have too.


Wow Factor Design & User Experience


We could easily argue that design and experience is an essential aspect of a great website. Although content and search engine rankings are significant, it's the design and the call to actions that drive customer conversion. Great design is what taps into the psychology of people, and when we refer to experience, we mean the behavior that we can control with the site visitor. If your customer is visiting your site to learn about you, trust you, and make contact, we have to control it. Our jobs as designers are to give your customer a wow factor that drives them to choose you. The design must capture them immediately and drive them around the website in a precise way that informs them, helps them, and excites them.


I feel it is easy for some business owners to devalue the importance of design as well as to laugh at phrases like user experience. I hope this is not the case, but I have seen it before. I would suggest for you, the business owner, to think about yourself and your own experiences. I know that I search the internet every day, and I am always on websites and social media platforms. Sometimes I'm on a website for just a few minutes, and I don't get excited about anything I'm looking for, so I leave to search elsewhere. Sometimes, I find myself staying on a website reading this and clicking that, and next thing you know, I feel like I have to have whatever this site is selling me. So much so, that I feel like if I leave this site, I might never be able to get this awesome thing and lose out forever. This website design captured me, took me on a journey, and gave me an experience that I had to have.


Relevant Content That is Personal


Relevance is one of Google's main words to help people understand what type of content to put on the internet. Think about it; if someone searches the web, they expect the most relevant content to display as a result of their search. It is annoying when you search for something and can't find it, and Google's job is to make sure you see what is relevant to your search. Think about yourself, and let's assume you want to find a local service company to come to fix your house. Let's say you search, and the first few companies you find have ugly websites with generic content. You end up learning nothing about them, so you keep searching. These ugly websites sent you running to their competition. You keep searching for more options because you need to find a company that you can trust.


We all know this is the process when vetting companies that we search on the internet, yet so many business owners don't consider it with their website. Many business owners don't invest in the design or content of their website, and they don't seem to care. The truth is that your company website is where you should pour your heart out to your customers. Tell them everything you can about your company and your services. Let them see who you are personally, and don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. We are people who choose a company, but often are selecting the people who make up that business. You might have a lot of competition in your industry, but there is only one you. Your company, your team, and you, as the owner, are unique. One of the best website services to deliver is relevant content about your business.


SEO Optimized and Fresh Content


Having your company found in search engines by someone who has never heard of you before is a power that your website has. Ranking in Google is where SEO comes into play, which means search engine optimization. SEO is when you take your site, and you optimize its ability to be found at the top when someone searches. SEO requires much work, and there are two main components: onsite and offsite. When discussing web design services, we are talking mainly about the build and implementation of a website. When building a website, we would then start with onsite SEO. Onsite SEO refers to making sure the site is optimized on the front and backend while building. The initial SEO starts the website off on the correct foot and includes URLs, title, description, htags, content, alt image tags, and anchor links.


When hiring web design services for small business, we would also recommend fresh content added to the website. Fresh content can come in two forms. If the site is a new design from an existing site, then fresh content could be an update to the current content by giving it a refresher. Google loves current content, so it is vital to make sure that old, outdated content is updated periodically. Once you complete your new website, then fresh content means adding content to your site frequently. It does not make sense to change content; this is current, but it does make sense to deliver new additional content continually. Google will love this, your customers will love this, and your website will grow.


Web Design by The SEO Contractor


Web design services could seem very simple, and as though any designer could achieve this result. Although this may be the case, we recommend choosing a company that will approach your website design, including all the factors discussed in the above article. Over the past 10 + years, we have seen websites sit on the internet doing nothing for companies, and we have seen great sites deliver consistent results. We are The SEO Contractor, and our web design services bring your business customers. Contact us today to learn more!

Question 1

What is the best web design company?

Read the full article on our blog:

We understand that when looking for a website design company, you would like to find the best one for your business. Finding the best company can be very subjective and rely on a few factors to analyze. At The SEO Contractor, we recommend looking at the company you choose as a whole, rather than just the website design itself. We have been building websites for businesses for over ten years, and we have also dealt with many other web design companies along the journey. The experience we have helps us answer your question in the most in-depth manner. Below we will touch on all the website design services to look at when choosing your next web designer.


Wow Factor Website Design


We have all heard the phrase, don't judge a book by its cover, but with your website, you should expect judgment. When people search to find a company to do business with, they are judging everyone they see. Your website will need to build trust in the visitors, but to build trust, you must first keep them on your website. You will want to have a wow factor to your site so that your customers do not leave right away. People have a short attention span, and it can be tough to keep them on your website. Great design and branding will spark their attention and immediately make you stand out.


I have witnessed many business owners over the years who did not value the design of their website. They were quickly sold with standard templates to save money. We have seen basic templated websites that don't captivate your audience and send them away directly to your competitors. Many business owners who do not value the importance of a website, do not consider that a bad website will send your visitor away. Design is subjective to the customer, so make sure you choose a company whose design style you like, and that is impactful.


Amazing Website Content


As important and influential as the design is, it does not stand on its own. Every website must have great content. The reason people are on your website is to learn about your company and your services. You cannot teach people without giving them specific personal content. Every experienced web design company will make sure to balance great design with relevant content. Having this balance on a website means that you will have lots of content delivered in a friendly way to read. People can be overwhelmed by reading large blocks of text and give up. Great content means smaller sections of copy mixed with design elements to move visitors throughout the website.


When deciding who is the best website company for your business, make sure to factor in writing great content about you and organizing it professionally throughout the site. You may have heard the term, user experience before, and well-developed content can help you achieve this from your audience. You want your customer to make their way around your website, enjoying the imagery and design, while soaking up all sorts of information about you. If your web design can achieve an excellent experience for your viewer, they will be more inclined to trust your services.


Search Engine Optimization


Choosing the best website design for your company will mean including SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your website needs to be indexed in search engines and optimized to work its way up the rankings. SEO involves optimizing your site with content on the back-end and front-end of your website. However, SEO is an ongoing need and much more in-depth service then just building your website. A great web design company will be able to add SEO to your website from the get-go, and full digital marketing agencies should be able to perform SEO services to continually move your site up.


Although these services could be considered unique, they all work together for the betterment of your website. Remember, the question we are answering is, what is the best website design company? The SEO Contractor believes that means hiring an agency that can deliver a full picture of your business to the audience. Sometimes a company that is a jack of all trades might not be great at everything, and we understand the importance of being specialized. But consider digital marketing to be a chain of links, and your website, search engines, and social media are all connected for the same use. That use is for your customer to discover, build trust, and contact you. The best web design company will be able to harness your digital marketing and drive business to and throughout your website.


Ongoing Site Growth


If a web designer delivers a small nicely-designed website, they must also push to update your site frequently. The best company will strive to grow your website along with your company. Your website is, in fact, a complete representation of your business, and it must be updated to keep up with your company. To give you an example, The SEO Contractor, updates content on our site almost every day. We deliver steady content to our audience to teach them everything we can about the services we offer. We also make sure to add content and update content on our site as it becomes outdated.


We have witnessed many websites over ten plus years that do not grow actively, and many of these sites sit back in search engines, never gaining search traffic. The point here is to understand that the best website design also means ongoing updates and growth. Consider that Google looks at the strength of your website, and they choose to put strong, relevant sites at the top of searches. To make your site strong, you must actively grow it by adding content.


Trustworthy & Experienced Designers


The SEO Contractor believes that the best website design company is also a trustworthy company. Over the years, we have seen many companies not deliver on their promises and jeopardize websites when a customer leaves them. We have seen web designers hold domains hostage and sites, and we have seen SEO companies not perform the work sold. We have three suggested ways for you to know if your web designer is trustworthy. First, check their reviews, and see if they will let you reach out to their customers. Second, ask them to explain their services and everything they plan to deliver. Third, ask them what happens if you choose to end their services.


In our opinion, a company that won't share any customers with you is scared for some reason. Many people do not follow up with contacting your clients, but the willingness to give them references shows confidence. Also, we suggest going with your gut after speaking with the agency. If they explain all their services and make sense, and it's clear that they know what they are talking about, your gut should feel good. If they are pushy and vague, then your stomach will not feel right. Lastly, there should always be an easy exit plan for you and not for them. In other words, you should be able to walk away with your website with ease and ownership. If a company owns your site or makes it difficult for you to own, it is not the best website company because it does not value your interest.


In the end, you are the judge of the best website design company, and the above details are our suggestions to consider. Of course, at The SEO Contractor, we feel that we are the best web designers. Contact us today to learn more about our website design services.

Question 2

What should a website cost?

Read the full article on our blog:

Regardless of your company or organization's size, it's critical to have a professional website representing your brand. The question that most people have is how much a website should cost. 


The truth is that many factors influence the total cost of launching and maintaining a site. Services that could add extra expense over the lifetime of the site include:


  • Web design

  • Site maintenance

  • Marketing 

  • Advertising

  • Site optimization

  • Security protocols

  • E-Commerce integration

  • The total page count of the site

  • Database needs

  • Specialized features


A professional digital marketing company may charge anywhere from $2K to $75K for website design, and annual maintenance fees can add another $400 to $60K to the overall costs of maintaining a site.


Types Of Websites 


There are multiple types of websites people can choose to represent and do business on behalf of your brand. 


Informational sites - Informational and small business websites can contain from five to up to twenty pages. Informational websites are usually straightforward, with a limited amount of functionality.


Corporate site - An in-depth corporate website can contain from twenty-five to seventy-five pages. Corporate websites offer a variety of information about the company, and might also provide E-Commerce capabilities. 


E-Commerce site - E-Commerce sites can sell anywhere from one specialized product to as many as one thousand products. The more products and variations you have, the more complex the project becomes. 


Website App or Database driven site - Database driven and website apps can vary from twenty to two-thousand pages. 


The Advantages Of Professional Web Design


When a professional digital marketing company designs your website, they will ensure that your website has basic security protocols. It's critical to keep data safe from unauthorized access from third parties who could potentially alter your website or steal sensitive customer data. Especially if you're running an E-Commerce website.


Generally, the more advanced and complex you need your website to be, the more you should expect to pay to get all the features you want. 


Depending on your contract or agreement with your web host or website designer, additional fees may apply to your site's ongoing maintenance and updates. 


To help develop your site out over time, some designers might suggest a robust content marketing strategy that includes videos, blog posts, and social media services. All of these digital marketing services can make a significant impact on the success of your online business operations.


As you can imagine, these services help site owners who have a small business site or a fully-functional E-Commerce site. For those who struggle with technology, leaving these aspects of site management to professionals like SEO Contractors alleviates the stress and pressure. Larger operators benefit from focusing on their business strengths so that they can build a stronger foundation online.

Question 3
Contractor working

When your CUSTOMERS see your website do they CONTACT?

search bar.png

1. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: 75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the sweor website is changed, removed, or incorrect.

2. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: First impressions are 94% design-related. The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the sweor website is changed, removed, or incorrect.

3. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: 89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience. The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the webfx website is changed, removed, or incorrect.

4. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: Articles that are >3,000 words get 3x more traffic, 4x more shares, and 3.5x more backlinks than shorter articles. (SEMrush 2019). The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the hubspot website is changed, removed, or incorrect.

5. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: In a survey conducted by Databox, 70% of respondents said that SEO is better than PPC for generating sales. (Databox, 2019). The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the hubspot website is changed, removed, or incorrect.

6. The statistic comes from the site and the full statistic reads: Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. In the fourth quarter of 2019, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 52.6 percent of global website traffic, consistently hovering around the 50 percent mark since the beginning of 2017. The SEO Contractor is not responsible for the data collected to prove this statistic, nor are we responsible if the information on the statistica website is changed, removed, or incorrect.

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