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How can search engine optimization (SEO) help my roofing company?

SEO is the process of taking a website and building trust and authority in Google to improve keyword rankings in search results. You could have a website for years but with no on-site or external SEO, and it would be no different from starting a new website from scratch. For our team to provide the best SEO for your roofing company, it is vital that we first understand the state of your current site. We don't waste money targeting highly competitive words that your website doesn't even have a chance to rank.




  • Research

  • Content Adjustments

  • Natural Backlinking

  • Local Citations

  • On-Site Blogging



Organic ranks vs. paying for PPC ads are very different because once you quit paying for PPC, all of your ads stop, and the traffic goes away. With SEO, we take keywords that average x-amount of monthly traffic and establish organic listings. The keyword listings you achieve will increase your average traffic and ROI. Once your site ranks, we shift your SEO budget towards new rankings that are not yet #1. If you ever need to stop, not all is lost. Although your competition will fight to rank above you, the ROI still comes from having established search engine listings at the top.

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How Can Local SEO For Roofers Help Your Roofing Business?

I want to get right to the core of what it means to apply SEO services in a way that works to get your roofing company more business leads. In other words, you have set out to get your company more business, and you have many options for marketing. You could wrap your vehicles, buy a billboard, pay for radio ads, pay for Google & Facebook ads, as well as pay someone to perform SEO. The problem with paying for SEO is that it is complicated to understand what you are getting and how it will work. We know it's a weird form of marketing.

There is one thing that you do know is accurate, and that is that your customers in your local area are going onto their phones and computers and searching in Google for words like "Roofer Near Me" or "Best Roofing Company Near Me." They will most likely search based on the city they live in, for instance, roofing Weatherford, TX. You know in your heart that this is true, and we also know it is true because we see the data.

Sure, referrals are always the best form of generating business, and it's great when someone sees your truck wrap and calls you. But you want people who do not yet know about your company to find you when they do their search. You understand that when someone searches for a roofer, they will see a Google paid ad. You, like many people, believe that your customer will scroll down past these ads, and you do not care to pay for those ads as a form of marketing.

When your potential customers search online and scroll past the ads, the next thing they see is a list of roofing companies on a map that is closest to them and a list of 10 websites that are on the first page of Google. We all know that your customers will not go to page 2, and they will most likely click on one of the companies located on the map with the most reviews or click on the website ranked between the #1-3 spots below the map. These are the two spots that you want to be at, either #1 in Google or #1 on the map, and this is where an SEO company comes in to help get you there.

Here Is A Visual To Show You What A Google Search PAID AD Looks Like

(The top ads called Google Guaranteed cost $20 per call lead)

Roofer Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned above, when someone performs a search, the first thing they see are paid Google ads. These can be comprised of two types of ads, Pay Per Click ads and Pay Per Lead ads. The ads shown above are paid per lead. Their goal is to trick the searcher by calling them Google Guaranteed, but you notice the word sponsored when you look to the right. These are not placed here because these are the best companies that are somehow guaranteed to be the best. They are placed here strictly because Google is being paid to put them here, and they cost $20 per lead. This method is Google's shameful way of adding more paid advertisements to their search engine in a way that appears less like a paid ad, and all it does is trick searchers while pushing organic listings further down. People are smart, though, and they know to scroll down to find the best business that earns their natural positions in Google by being a great business.

Here Is A Visual To Show You What A Google Map Listing Looks Like

(These are free to set up yourself)

SEO For Roofers - Map Listings.png

Being on a map listing above only requires three main components: your business category, ie. Roofer, your location in proximity to the person searching, and finally your amount/star reviews. This map listing is called Google My Business, and it is Free and effortless for you to set up yourself. Please don't listen to an SEO company that says they work hard monthly to get you on the map. That statement is not correct unless they are a review company whose goal is to get you a ton of reviews, specifically Google reviews. To be shown on the map, Google focuses on who first is in the same category as the person searching. If they need a local roofing company and the category of your main listing is a roofer, then they consider you. Once Google establishes all the local companies in the category being searched, they next look at the addresses and see which companies are the closest in proximity to the searcher. Finally, once they have narrowed those listings down, then Google looks at the reviews and puts the roofer at the top who not only has the most reviews but, more importantly, the best reviews. It has been noticed by SEO companies that Google takes businesses more seriously who has 30 or more reviews. Set your listing up for Free and start asking every customer for a review. You and your team personally asking is the best way to generate reviews, and in our opinion, it is better than paying a company to do so. We say this because we have witnessed our customers acquire more reviews by asking rather than paying companies to ask.

Here Is A Visual To Show You What An Organic Google Search Listing Looks Like

(Top of Google earned listings, no paid for)

SEO For Roofers - Organic Listings.png

These listings are the organic search results. SEO specialists will refer to them as SERPS (search engine results pages). You want your website to rank number 1-3 spots, ideally number one. When people say they want to rank in Google, be on top of page one, or be found at the top of Google when someone searches, this is the spot they are most likely referencing. When someone says, pay me for SEO services to get found in Google, this is the spot you are paying them to get you to. The difference here is that no one, not even Google, can guarantee you here, and you cannot merely buy a spot the way you can with a Paid Ad placement. The company and its website earn these organic spots at the top. When you pay an SEO company to get your roofing business to the top of search engines, you are paying for the company to strengthen your website. Your site gains authority with Google, and Google chooses to place the website at the top. Google places a website at the top if they feel it is the most influential and most relevant site for the person who is searching. Our job as an SEO company is to make your website is healthy, full of content, and acquires HIGH-QUALITY backlinks. A backlink is a link back to your website from another site, and the best links include your company's name or URL. For example, this link to one of our roofing partners, Castle Roofing, is considered a backlink to their site. Google sees it as having the most authority for your customers searching; therefore, they place your site at the top when they search.

I know this is very repetitive and sounds ambiguous, but it is quite the opposite. Making your website strong is like going to the gym. Your website is you at the gym, and we are the trainer who works the site out. We know how to add content and build links in a manner that correctly grows your website. We track the results monthly, we can see the search data of how many potential customers we are trying to drive to your site, and we can provide every specific task needed to achieve this. What is quite secretive with most SEO companies is highly transparent with us.  Learn the three ways to guarantee SEO failure with your Roofing company.

I Want To Speak With An SEO Specialist!

More About Roofing Seach Engine Optimization

We talk above about why roofing companies and contractors need to implement an SEO strategy and campaign to be found online, and we also show what it means and looks like to be found online via SEO. We want to dive into SEO itself and share some of the main components and tactics we use to acquire movement to the top of Google, specifically for roofers.


Data is the cornerstone when investing in any form of a marketing campaign. If you were to rent a billboard for your roofing company, you would want to know how much traffic drives by and who those individuals are. The same goes for a radio ad. If you choose Pay Per Click ads, you want to know what targeted words the ads will show for when people search and how many impressions and potential clicks you will get. The same goes for your SEO campaign. If you want to be at the top of Google and pay a company for SEO services, you must know what specific keywords people are searching for and how many times per month they are searching. For instance (and this is a made-up number), but if you want to be at the top for Roofers near me, you would like to know that 1000 people search that word per month in your area. Once you know the words people are searching for and how often they are searching, you can decide if the monthly investment for SEO will bring in the potential ROI needed once you rank at the top for those words. Without performing and understanding the SEO research and data, you will not make a sound investment. You and your SEO company must work together to interpret this information.


If you have heard of the term content is king, then know that it is so true for SEO and ranking your website. We understand that you may assume that people do not read, and you should keep your site simple with little content. We get the idea, but the fact is that Google reads, and if you have little substance, then most likely, you will show low results in the search engines. Google knows that your potential roofing customers are searching for your business, and they are explicitly vetting you over the competition. They want to know why to choose you, who you are, the values you bring, and the experience you have. They want to trust you before they even consider calling. When it comes to searching online and building trust, it takes the content. Of course, this trust is also made with reviews, images, and videos. Google knows that your business is more than a couple of sentences of content. How can you be in business for years and offer an excellent service but only describe it in a few sentences? This approach doesn't make sense to Google, and for a good reason. We provide content and lots of it that builds authority with Google and trust with your readers. We write the content for you in a manner that works for search engines and SEO.


Linking websites and content to each other was one of the founding principles of Google. The founders realized that linking and connecting websites build strength and authority on the internet, which could lead to many possibilities for sites, people, and businesses. Over the years, this concept has been muddled with by many black hat SEO companies who have abused the idea and caused Google to penalize sites that utilize corrupt linking practices. The truth is that linking is still one of the most critical factors for a website that must be handled correctly. There are different types of linking; for instance, if you have a link on someone else's website and it links back to your website, this is called a backlink. These links are precious to your website, and you want backlinks from healthy relevant sites. However, if the backlink comes from a poor-quality website, it affects your website, making it seem less quality. You only want backlinks from useful, relevant websites. You can also create links from your website to another site, giving them a backlink. These links are helpful to connect your viewers to vital information that they cannot receive from your website alone. Then finally, internal linking is comprised of links within your website itself. These links take you from pages within your site to other pages on your site. The goal of your website is to get people to stay on it and look around. You want them going to as many pages as you can while teaching them all you have to offer. SEO campaigns enormously benefit from a solid linking profile which can often be tricky to achieve on a large scale.


Your reporting directly correlates with your research. You have done all of this research to figure out what words you want to rank for and now have decided to invest in an SEO company to begin moving you up in the search engines. Now it makes sense that tracking these rankings is the final step to ensuring that your investment and campaign are worthwhile. Many SEO companies like to share some necessary Google Analytics reports with their customers, which mainly show website traffic. Although these reports are vital to understanding if your campaign brings more customers to your site, we believe that they do not suffice alone. We think it is crucial to track and report the actual words you are targeting and watch where you are ranked in search results. These are the words you are paying to move up for, so you must watch the movement. Most likely, you will not produce site traffic from terms that are not top of page one, so it is essential to monitor the words moving to the #1-3 positions. While doing this, we also watch Google Analytics see traffic increase. The theory is that once the words make it to the top, the traffic should grow with them. This method is our approach to reporting, and we have noticed that many SEO companies do not share the rankings. Maybe it's because the rankings for these companies are not moving up, or perhaps it's because they choose not to share. Either way, with The SEO Contractor, we want our Roofers to see the SEO results in action to monitor and understand their SEO campaigns' results properly. 



Ok, all you roofers looking for SEO and website rankings in search engines. It's time for the moment of truth. The facts are that if you believe that people are searching in Google and think they should find your company, then that means SEO is something you should talk about with a specialist and begin. If you sit on the sidelines and don't get in the game, you are failing, and if you start and give up too soon, you are also failing. If this is something you believe in, then get started. If you feel that referrals are all you need and that SEO is a waste of money, then go ahead and leave this site because this product is not for you anyhow. No hard feelings. If you feel that this form of marketing is a hoax or not going to work for you and you should try something else, then please leave, and Google searches a PPC, Billboard, or Radio advertisement company as they might be right for you. But if you believe people search in Google, and you are tired of your competition winning, and you are ready to commit to this form of marketing, then reach out to us and get a free consultation. We are prepared for your roofing business to succeed in search engines! 

I Want To Have a Consultation With An SEO Specialist

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