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What Should a Website Cost?

Regardless of your company or organization's size, it's critical to have a professional website representing your brand. The question that most people have is how much a website should cost. 

The truth is that many factors influence the total cost of launching and maintaining a site. Services that could add extra expense over the lifetime of the site include:

  • Web design

  • Site maintenance

  • Marketing 

  • Advertising

  • Site optimization

  • Security protocols

  • E-Commerce integration

  • The total page count of the site

  • Database needs

  • Specialized features

A professional digital marketing company may charge anywhere from $2K to $75K for website design, and annual maintenance fees can add another $400 to $60K to the overall costs of maintaining a site.

Types Of Websites 

There are multiple types of websites people can choose 

to represent and do business on behalf of your brand. 

Informational sites - Informational and small business websites can contain from five to up to twenty pages. Informational websites are usually straightforward, with a limited amount of functionality.

Corporate site - An in-depth corporate website can contain from twenty-five to seventy-five pages. Corporate websites offer a variety of information about the company, and might also provide E-Commerce capabilities. 

E-Commerce site - E-Commerce sites can sell anywhere from one specialized product to as many as one thousand products. The more products and variations you have, the more complex the project becomes. 

Website App or Database driven site - Database driven and website apps can vary from twenty to two-thousand pages. 

The Advantages Of Professional Web Design

When a professional digital marketing company designs your website, they will ensure that your website has basic security protocols. It's critical to keep data safe from unauthorized access from third parties who could potentially alter your website or steal sensitive customer data. Especially if you're running an E-Commerce website.

Generally, the more advanced and complex you need your website to be, the more you should expect to pay to get all the features you want. 

Depending on your contract or agreement with your web host or website designer, additional fees may apply to your site's ongoing maintenance and updates. 

To help develop your site out over time, some designers might suggest a robust content marketing strategy that includes videos, blog posts, and social media services. All of these digital marketing services can make a significant impact on the success of your online business operations.

As you can imagine, these services help site owners who have a small business site or a fully-functional E-Commerce site. For those who struggle with technology, leaving these aspects of site management to professionals like SEO Contractors alleviates the stress and pressure. Larger operators benefit from focusing on their business strengths so that they can build a stronger foundation online.


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