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Getting The Most From Your PPC Manager

When you need to get your branding message out to your ideal customer persona, it's often sensible to rely on an expert. In industry circles, these experts are often called PPC managers. Their primary goal is running successful paid search and PPC campaigns for clients.

With a reputation for being wizards who never met a spreadsheet they couldn't master, these professionals know what it takes to increase website traffic get qualified leads, conversions, and sales from your visitors. 

Building A Strong Relationship With Your PPC Manager

Despite their skills, PPC managers aren't magicians or mind readers. To help you establish a profitable and mutually beneficial relationship, here are a few suggestions to follow.

Be Open About Your Business Model 

Since your PPC manager is responsible for your ad budget, providing them with as much information about your business model is a good idea. 

With this data, they can apply their experience, technical knowledge, and creativity to develop a highly targeted Pay Per Click campaign that converts. 

Be Receptive To Exploring Multiple PPC Programs

While Google is one of the oldest and most established PPC networks, it is by no means the only game in town. Your PPC management company might suggest exploring other ad networks, including Facebook Ads, Capterra, Twitter, Reddit, or the Microsoft network, depending on your business model or product and service offerings. 

Be Patient With Your PPC Manager

Undoubtedly, you're going to be excited about working with your PPC manager. And, you might have a hundred questions about your campaigns. It's understandable because your marketing budget hangs in the balance. 

While you might feel inclined to frequently call or Email with questions or to follow up on your PPC ad progress, you have to give some amount of freedom for your PPC manager to do their job without interruptions.

It takes time to gather meaningful data for reporting, and each new PPC ad starts from scratch. For this reason, most PPC managers might suggest A/B testing or running a focused campaign or two to gain initial insights and analytics. 

Once the ad system collects enough meaningful data, your manager will evaluate it to determine what steps should get taken next to improve your PPC campaign

For instance, when running an A/B test if version A outperforms version B significantly, your manager might decide to deactivate version A in favor of putting your ad budget towards version B.

If neither ad is hitting targets, they could pause the campaign to evaluate what's happening and make adjustments to improve the results.

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

When you want to increase your results online, working with a skilled SEO Contractor gets you on the road to success! Reach out today if you're ready to take your business to the next level.


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