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Attention Contractors: Dominate The Local SEO Game

As a contractor, you understand that a part of your job is marketing your business. You're probably already aware that SEO is an effective way to generate leads and customers. But how can you get an edge over other contractors when the competition is so stiff?

Doing SEO for Contractors Is About Understanding How to Win the Local SEO Game

Here are some different ways to start dominating the local search listings:

1. Optimize Your GMB Profile

Everything does start by making sure your NAP (name, address, phone number) is consistent in all the local business directories. But you need to go beyond that by optimizing your GMB profile. You want to make sure your business description features your primary keywords, and you select the proper category in your profile. You also want to list all your services rather than merely stating you are a general contractor.

2. Utilize All the GMB Features

There are so many new GMB features that have been added. However, very few contractors are using them to their advantage. SEO for contractors isn't just about ranking. It's also about standing out. You can now add logos, cover photos, use welcome offers, and use a short URL. There are other features contractors are not using. This includes the Q&A section, allowing a user to send messages via text, booking buttons to schedule appointments, posting updates via google posts, and more. Make sure you take full advantage of what GMB is offering.

3. Focus on Building Google Reviews

In local SEO, Google reviews are one of the most significant ranking factors. That's why you need to put in the extra effort of building these reviews. Whenever you've dealt with a satisfied customer, get the review. Don't wait to follow up after the job. Get the review on the spot as the customer may forget. Even if the customer has to create a Google account to do the review, you want to push them to make the small effort on their part.

4. Build Both Citations AND Links

In the past, there has been a heavy focus on building citations for local SEO. The problem with this is that many competitors get the same kind of citations. It's hard to outrank competitors just with citations. You also need to put a strong emphasis on generating links. When trying to acquire links, you need to target websites that are related to the topic of your site. Relevant content will make the links more valuable.

5. Invest in Creating Quality Content

Not enough contractors are investing in content creation. You need great content for the pages you are planning to rank. However, you'll also want content that you can distribute on blogs, social media, and other places. The content you distribute will help you generate citations and links pointing back to your site. Do not disregard the importance of content creation in your local SEO campaign. Take our customer Amersol, for example, they understand to dominate the window film search results, it all begins with quality content.

If you're like many contractors and don't have the time to work on your local SEO campaign, The SEO Contractor can help. We've helped many contractors grow with local SEO and other digital marketing strategies.

Visit our website to schedule a free consultation today.


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