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Is SEO a Waste of Money?

The short answer is that SEO does work, and it can grow your business offering your company an ROI. The reality is that it could also very much waste your money if done incorrectly. Keep in mind that every industry and every company needs to approach this a little differently based on their targeted needs. For instance, a dependable SEO professional company like The SEO Contractor can look at your business and tell you upfront the realities of your campaign. Some industries in some local geographic areas may be much more complicated than others to rank. Also, some contractor websites may perform much better than others, while newer smaller companies may take more time. Each case is individual to the needs as well as the current situation of that company.

When you decide to start working with an SEO consultant, the first thing they must do is to research the correct targeted keywords. They must also examine the targeted geographical location that you are trying to reach. This research will show you the volumes per month that your target customers are searching for and from what cities precisely. These reports will also tell us what the competition looks like and our abilities to compete with these specific keywords. In other words, we don't want to focus on a keyword that is searched by many people but is also very competitive. This focus could take you years to reach the #1 spot and become a waste of money. It depends on the individual situation.

The main point here is to make sure that you are working with a marketing company that understands these details and is sharing data with you. You don't have to be great at SEO yourself but you need to be reviewing the data presented to you from your marketing company. This data is crucial to your campaign and can tell you right away if there is a potential ROI. You could definitely waste your money approaching your SEO blindly and giving the reins freely to your vendor. Even if your SEO company is wonderful, it would be in your best interest to understand what is going on, so that you can manage your investment comfortably.

We plan our customer's SEO campaigns by focusing on the sweet spot between targeting high trafficked keywords that we know you can rank for sooner than later. We try to focus on what we call the "easy wins" so that as we grow your SEO over time, we are getting easier words to the top. Even if the search volume is less, we are at least gaining traffic. While we do this, we also continue to push the more difficult words as well. The reason for this is so that you can achieve results quicker even if they are small rather then just waiting and spending money on substantial future results.

By working with The SEO Contractor you will receive SEO reports allowing you to plan your attack based on your current situation. This way, you can see the number potentials for yourself and decide if this investment will be right for you. SEO does work for many businesses and contracting companies like yours, but you need to know the real expectations upfront before you jump in the game. Contact us today!


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