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Why Your Plumbing Business Needs SEO

Think of SEO much like plumbing. The individual pieces of pipe being your backlink profile while the water serves as the search engine traffic. Without all of the pipes adequately fitted the water can't flow smoothly from point A to point B.

The way SEO works is through continually creating new content that can be posted on or offsite. Some of this content will be posted on relevant non-competing websites with high domain authority with links back to your site. Google will see these trustworthy links and bump up your website in the rankings. With all this content and links, your site eventually makes it to the top for targeted keyword phrases opening the flood of traffic to your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)?

First, it is essential to understand the difference between SEO and PPC. One builds established rankings for organic searches that can drive ready to purchase traffic to your site. The other requires you to pay for every visitor that clicks your advertisement, and once you stop paying, it all goes away. It is essential to use these services together using SEO to establish as many keyword rankings as possible while using PPC to target keywords that you have not yet got to the #1 spot.

Did you know?

20% of all search queries are for local businesses
40% of all mobile searches are for local businesses
50% of mobile searches for local companies are followed by a visit, a phone call or another type of contact.
97% of consumers search for local businesses online – the remaining 3% may be the last people still using the Yellow Pages

*Google Statistics

Where Do You Start?

The SEO Contractor was established to help plumbing companies, as well as other contractors, get the most from their website. Many business owners have had their site for years but not much to show from it, those days are over. With our SEO methodology for plumbers, we know what it takes to get your business to the top!


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