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Paid Search Combined With Paid Social

When you want to connect with the broadest audience of prospective customers, launching a comprehensive social media marketing campaign combined with a paid search campaign can pack a one-two marketing punch.

An experienced social media marketing company understands the technical details of launching and managing a successful, multi-pronged digital marketing campaign.

Visitor Tracking 

All of the leading advertising networks supply tracking codes to record clicks and visits to your landing pages. Google creates an automatic tag that converts your URL into a GCLID, or Google Click ID for reference. 

From the perspective of the visitor coming through on an ad, the only thing different is the URL address. The landing page itself doesn't change at all, nor does the overall user experience.

On Facebook, adding a tracking pixel to your site helps the advertising system recognize a visit to your website or landing pages from their database of registered users. 

It doesn't matter whether the registered user came through an organic search, referral, or direct visit. As long as the online visitor is a registered Facebook user, and your site has the Facebook pixel installed, it records this data to help you refine your paid ad campaign on their social network platform. 

When the ad system detects a registered Facebook user on your site, it keeps this data to help improve ad targeting. As a general rule, the better you target your demographics, the more efficiently the platform will use your budget. 

Of course, there are several types of paid social ads. Each has a specific objective, whether to get more views or get conversion traffic. 

Get The Best Results

It's critical to remember that a successful digital and social media marketing plan usually involves several steps to become truly profitable. 

Unless you have an exceptional offer that people can't wait to get, you'll need to build your ad program over time. Following their guide for best practices, you can customize campaigns to meet whatever conversion objective you set.

For instance, a retargeting campaign is ideal for reconnecting with people who visited your site previously. These people may have abandoned their carts, so making a special offer to entice them to return to your site and complete the transaction can make this a highly profitable campaign.

However, before you can get to retargeting, you have to master search engine optimization basics. SEO helps to drive initial traffic to your site so that you can begin amassing data to layout the entire digital marketing strategy from the start. 

If you're ready to get your brand to the next level, but you prefer to leave the details to professionals, contact the SEO Contractor today. Our friendly and helpful SEO and social media marketing experts are happy to offer a free initial consultation.


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