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For Home Service Contractors

& B2B Service Companies

w/ Yearly Revenue $600,000 +

Target 1 Local City or 1 Nation Keyword Phrase


SEO Gold Starter

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
Rank 1 Location
$1,500.00every month until canceled

    Google Keyword Research - 25 Keywords

    Google Keyword Reporting

    On-Site SEO - 5 pages (Titles, Meta, H-Tags)

    Customer On-Boarding

    Website & SEO Inspection

    Local Listings (Google + 75 Listings)

    Lead Tracking Software

    Home Page Content Optimization


    Google Keyword Reporting

    SEO Inspection & Task Review

    Lead Tracking Software

    Account Review Meeting*

    Maintenance Requests*

    *available if desired 


    Every month, we deliver one below SEO Scenario* based on what is needed to achieve your goal.


    Scenario 1
    ​1 Premium Backlink from DA 30-39

    Scenario 2
    2 Backlinks from DA 20-29

    Scenario 3
    ​1 Page Content Optimization

    Scenario 4
    ​1 New Page with Advance SEO

    Scenario 5
    12 Service Area Pages

    Scenario 6
    1 Keyword-Targeted Blog with 1000 words

    Link Boost

    2 hrs. of Site Audits (errors, warnings, disavow, indexing)


    *Scenario deliverables are chosen by The SEO Contractor and may vary based on what's needed to achieve optimal results.

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