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The Heartbreaking RealityThe SEO Contractor
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Hi there, CJ & John Kortes here.  We are SEO Rockstars and the owners of The SEO Contractor in business since 2011.

We are going to let you in on a heartbreaking reality. Building a website, optimizing it, then doing nothing else is NOT going to get you to the top of Google or increase traffic organically. Why?

It's not because your site doesn't look great or have real SEO on it...

It's not because the competition is a larger company that has some secret formula that only they know.

And it's not because they have an endless budget that you can't match, making it pointless even to try and compete.


The reason that most contractors' websites fail to make it to the top of Google is that their websites are not CONSISTENTLY building AUTHORITY with Google. They are not adding RELEVANT content both on and off the site, DRIVING direct traffic, or building active BACKLINKS.

Building a beautiful website and optimizing the site for search engines is all well and good, but this alone will NOT make it to the top above your competition.  We have seen websites like this sit there for years and never make it.


Fortunately performing SEO for a website and moving it up to the top of Google is not some big mystery. The core tactics are very straightforward and have not changed in years, even as Google makes consistent algorithm updates.  However, these strategies need to implement in a particular and targeted manner that is custom to your company's industry and location.


The strategy is where our proven skills come into play as we offer.


Our SEO Services are a set of monthly work, mostly custom content, that our team strategically delivers based on a tightly focused plan and set of goals.  Our methods stem from 9 years of intense SEO work that we have provided for hundreds of contractors and service companies.

So first let's talk about how our SEO Services can specifically help your company...


Here's the deal.


Most contractor and service company websites are struggling because the work that they are doing is not building STRONG AUTHORITY with Google.

Many contractors and even SEO companies know how to build a beautiful website and set up a local map listing. Many of them know the basic SEO tactics, but they fail to focus them into a tight strategic plan as well as understand the psychology of what Google is genuinely wanting.

The campaign seems reasonable at first, and you may even start to get some form of reporting. 


The problem is that from here on out you don't understand what work is continually happening if anything?  The reports seem fancy like things are going well, but you don't know how to read them. You understand that the traffic to the website and the calls are not increasing.

You reach out to the company, and they vaguely explain the report.  They try to show you that your map listing is at the top, but they can't tell the work that they are doing, how often they are doing it, and what it means to be at the top.

I mean honestly think about this, what the heck does it mean to be at the top of Google? What is at the top, your website, your map listing, your paid ad, you local directory listing, your images, your videos, etc.?  What is actually at the top?

Now think, how am I at the top? There are hundreds of different ways people can type words into the Google search bar.  When someone types a search term into the search bar, this is called a keyword phrase, and there are so many different ways to write these phrases.

The problem with this situation is that it puts a lot of stress and confusion on you, the consumer. You don't know what is going on; you know that you are paying a company to do SEO.  Even if the company you are working with is doing SEO correctly, they are not conveying it accurately.

You end up jumping ship, wasting money, or you stay and have this feeling that they are screwing you.  The problem is that you are afraid to leave because you don't know if the next company will be any better.  Maybe this is just the SEO industry...

...What the CRAP! Your business is already stressful; you don't need this added weight; you need more business.

You need a real SEO Strategy!


What my brother and I have been focusing on with our SEO company since 2011 is working individually with home service companies and contractors. We have saved many businesses from bad situations, and we have worked extremely hard to get their sites to gain traffic.


Google does not teach companies like us SEO because they want us to sell paid ads rather than organic free listings. We have had to learn from our trials and errors. This experience has helped shape us and our methods to the point where we can genuinely claim the term SEO specialists.

Our SEO Strategy for your company will dive deep into evaluating your current situation and understanding your actual target market and industry.

From this information, we will deliver you a seriously focused and targeted plan of action with HONEST expectations.  You will know what we are fighting to rank you for, and how long we will expect it to take.  We will tell you the hard truth, and it can sometimes be ugly because no one wants to wait.

We will not force you into anything, and you can set your budget, but you will have a choice to make.  Do you want to enter the fight and play the long game, or do you want to sit on the sidelines?

Once you understand what we are fighting for and you get a clear picture of your SEO campaign, then you become the master of your fate.

The control is in your hands to put yourself in the SEO game, and you know that The SEO Contractor will be there as both your teammates and coach. We have your back. And we will share with you our monthly plays, workload deliverables, as well as your target rankings so you can monitor your movement.

It has been a joy working with contractors and service companies over these nine years.  Seeing them get business from their website in search engines and having them work with us to strategize future goals is a great feeling.  Knowing that they truly understand the SEO we are providing and have the comfortability to contribute to the plan is just incredible.

Our experience is why we are an open book, and why we share everything we do with the customer.  Sure we would love to say that this will work 100% for every customer, but this is not the reality of SEO.  Google can't guarantee anything in their search engine except the paid ad listings; therefore, any SEO company that guarantees rankings is full of crap.

Our SEO methods, our targeted approach, our understanding of the psychology of Google, and our transparency have worked much more than not.  If there is ever a struggle to get one company up to the top more than another, then nine times out of 10, there is a logical reason that we can tackle head-on.

The question is, are you ready to tackle your website SEO head-on?



Well first off you will get a scheduled 30-minute call discussing your business and goals.  From this call, we can determine our approach both mentally and geographically.  Most service companies and contractors service a local territory, which can be tricky for SEO companies to manage, but we are pros.


Now that we understand you, it is time for us to do keyword research and see your current existing rankings in Google.  Based on the study and your rankings, we will choose the correct keywords to target. Selecting the proper keywords is an essential part of this process.  We want to choose words that are most relevant to your customers — words that will drive an actual purchase, as well as rank at the top.


It amazes me to see SEO companies target words that are too broad that they won't drive actual sales. Words that are too long that so few people search, therefore, will be no way of making an ROI on your SEO investment. Or targeting words where the competition is so fierce that it may take years to even get to the top.

Once we have the correct targeted keywords and the order we plan to approach them; then we will email this information to you.

Now it is time to get to work on your actual website.  Here we will perform the on-site work.  This work will include going through each page that we are targeting to rank and make content adjustments or additions.  We will re-write the back-end listings for each page called the metadata.  This data will include titles, meta descriptions, and URLs.  Then we will proceed to the front-end "visible" content of your site that people read.  This process includes writing more content, adjusting H tags, keyword density, and anchor links.


The last phase to the website will be implementing a monthly blog. This blog is critical as it allows us to grow the site by adding relevant content for your customers about your products and services.  The blog also allows us to continue building our internal and external links.

Next, we will begin growing your website authority through off-site SEO. In this method, we will be building monthly backlinks from other websites.  These links must be through relevant content on high authority domains.  We do this in a series of ways either through guest blog posting, local directory citations, second-tier articles, partner site links, press release distribution, etc.

Backlinks are one of the most critical aspects of building your website's authority, and we must handle them properly.  A backlink is when you have a link back to your website from another website on the internet. The % of home page links and branded anchor texts must be spot on, and the choice of the sites to post on must be sound.

Some SEOs argue that the only thing that matters is domain authority. Although we agree that Google loves this authority, we also say that Google will continue to further its push for relevance. In other words, we strive for the highest authority relevant sites to gain backlinks from, but we don't choose a website just for its authority. If it makes no sense to the business, then we don't want to link from it.

From here, we also make sure to set up your Google map correctly and coach you on two important things. One, pushing your reviews, and two, driving as much direct traffic to your domain homepage.  The truth is that direct traffic to your website is the most important SEO factor that exists and the only way to get that is through your local branding efforts.  The most important SEO factor for your Google map is reviews, and again, the best results come from your internal push. We can coach you on the best means of accomplishing these goals.

We are not limited to SEO; we also help our current customers with their marketing plans. In particular their approach to driving traffic through their map and directly with local branded efforts.

To wrap up this monthly workload, we report your rankings so you can see your movement for the words we are targeting.  You may not be at the top at first, but you will be able to witness the progress.  And once you do get to the top of Google then, in theory, website traffic and calls should increase.  From here, we can begin watching movement for the next targeted keywords, thus continually growing your SEO campaign as you gain results from your initial efforts. 

The key is to watch the movement and don't give up.


We promise to follow the core methods that we use monthly and have proven results for our clients.  We promise to share both the results and the work we are completing as we go. Lastly, we promise no B.S.  If it's working great, if we are struggling then we won't hide it.  Your SEO will be a transparent, open book.  


All we ask is for you to give us the appropriate time needed and not give up too soon. If things are moving, awesome!


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With our SEO services, you get to choose your budget, but with that needs to come an understanding.  For instance, let's start by having you breathe easily and know that we do not force you into any contracts.  No contracts with us for a simple reason and that is that some times life slaps you upside the head.


We need you to understand that SEO is not some marketing effort that you do for only a couple of months and expect to dominate. With that attitude, you are losing before you start, and if you give up within six months, you will be wasting your investment.

We never want you to feel trapped in a contract, and we understand that business can be flimsy.  We don't want to add to any burdens you might face outside of our SEO that may affect your budget.

You will need to spend a minimum of $1000 per month if you want to be aggressive and move your way up to the top faster.  Our most successful customers spend an average of $2,000-$3,000 per month, and some push that to 4 or 5K depending on the size of their businesses and target reach geographically.

Our $1000 per month customers do great because this minimum budget allows for us to be able to do the amount of work needed. This work includes writing content, implementing content, and investing in access to resources required.

We ask that you choose your budget in quantities of $500 starting at $1000. If you want to expand your efforts because things are going great, then you can do that at any time.

The most important thing to understand is that you need to choose a budget that you will be comfortable with for the long run.  We are not saying that you won't gain traffic within the first year, but we are saying that if you can put in your mind a comfortable budget that you can manage for the next five years, then you will indeed be a winner in this game.

Think about how fast a year goes by and think about the competition who is not slowing down their efforts but instead being consistent.  We assume that you plan on being in business in the next five years, so don't sit around and tell yourself that one day you should start fighting for the top of Google.

If you do this, then time will fly by, and five years from now you will have never started while in the meantime your competition has had five years of content and website authority growing and working for them.  Competing with that seems much more challenging.

**We don't want to let anyone down either so if your company just absolutely can't spend a budget of $1000 per month then please reach out to us anyways to schedule a consultation.  We will still look at your business and let you know the real expectations if you were to implement a smaller budget.  If we can't make something work for you, then it will only be because we do not feel comfortable taking your money if we do not see a potential ROI based on your budget.


The facts are that the minute you sign up online, we get you into our production line and begin working.  We manage every SEO project monthly starting with the day your payment is received, and work is delivered sometime before your next payment hits.  


We never miss a deadline, but on occasion, some backlinks may not post on the third-party websites within the 30 days.  This occurrence isn't because we haven't written the articles and submitted to the guest websites, but sometimes the third party sites take an extra week to accept and post on their end.

Signing up is very easy and secure using the link below.  Our merchant is PayPal, but you do not have to have a PayPal to sign up.  You can use your debit or credit card without having a PayPal account.  PayPal is just our trusted, secure merchant.

It only takes a couple of minutes to click below, select your budget, and enter in some basic contact info to begin your SEO subscription.  Following your sign up you will be prompted to schedule your 30-minute onboarding phone call so we can learn about your business and begin.  If you don't want to talk with us, then you can fill out our online direction form instead to get us working.

If you want to talk to us before signing up then no hard feelings we understand.  We ask you to please schedule a Free 30-minute consultation below to get on our calendar.  From this call, our Specialists can introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you so much! We look forward to working with you.

CJ Kortes & John Kortes

Brothers, Business Partners of 9 Years, & SEO Rockstars

The SEO Contractor


Phase - 1

The research/planning phase is an essential section of your SEO campaign. We will learn about your current website's situation and any challenges that may present themselves. Next, we do keyword research choosing words that we know we'll have a chance ranking. Many times other SEO providers will target words that are unachievable for the website at its current stage. Every website is provided a score by Google, and this score determines the sites competitive advantage.  As we increase domain authority for the website more keyword potentials will present themselves.​

The Research Steps


  • Website Audit
    (Full analysis created of the site in its current state.)

  • Keyword Research
    (Using accurate data we determine the best keywords that can rank.)

  • Competitor Analysis
    (To beat the competition you have to learn their methods.)

  • Develop Backlink Profile
    (We learn how many backlinks the site currently has and the quality of those links.)

  • Web Copy Adjustments
    (Team of writers will adjust and add more web copy for search engines to crawl.)

  • Optimize Meta and ALT tags
    (We'll properly adjust all meta and ALT tags throughout the site.)

  • Site Speed Check/Fix
    (If needed we'll optimize the site's images to improve the load time.)


Phase - 2

Based on your desired SEO budget our team will analyze the campaign each month providing necessary deliverables to best improve the sites rankings. These SEO services are designed to create authoritative content and a natural backlinking profile desired by Google.


(Recurring Monthly)

SEO Deliverables


  • Guest Posting
    (We write articles on high authority publication sites which link back to your site with relevant content.)

  • In-Content Links
    (You'll get 24 100% unique articles published on tier 1 blogs with 48 in-content backlinks.)

  • High Authority Sidebar Links
    (Our established relationships with webmasters allows us to achieve homepage sidebar links on authoritative sites.)

  • Press Release Distribution
    (We create newsworthy press releases that are shared to the Associated Press and picked up by tons of reputable news outlets.)

  • On-Site Blogging
    (Websites with an active blog tend to outperform sites without one. We write unique content monthly and publish to your site's blog.)

  • Video Creation & Publishing
    (From basic slideshow videos to professional hired actors and scripts we create shareable videos for YouTube.)


Phase - 3

Transparency is crucial for any SEO campaign. First, it shows where your budget is being used. Second, not knowing the SEO work performed on your site can become problematic if you ever switch web/SEO providers in the future. Like a credit score, it only takes one mistake to ruin the rankings that took months to establish. Each month you will receive an executive report that will list the work performed as well as the keyword ranking improvements.


Executive Reports


  • Backlink/Content Summary
    (Your report will show you all content created for that period plus the backlinks acquired.)

  • Keyword Rankings
    (This aspect of the report will show the performance of each targeted keyword and its movement compared to the previous month.)

  • Google Analytics
    (Lastly, a fully comprehensive breakdown of your sites traffic and their behavior.)

SEO Services for Contractors That Gets Results!

Is your business looking for more customers through internet marketing? The SEO Contractor will help your business get found and trusted online!

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