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"We Bring Customers To Rockwall, Texas Businesses."

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Your Rockwall company needs SEO services to get to the top of search engines.

SEO is the process of making a website and map listing go from being virtually invisible to showing up first in the local Rockwall, TX area. When talking with an SEO contractor it is best to think of SEO like building credit. The process of moving up in Rockwall takes time and requires adding relevant content on the web about your company. As Google trusts your site, your website rankings improve.

Digital Marketing Company Rockwall TX

Rockwall Business? Let's Talk.

We are ready to help you, but are you ready to trust us?

Let us understand your company and we will show you our plan to help.

Message us or schedule a call, so we can give you a FREE consultation. 


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​What You Get With Your Monthly SEO

In order to SEO optimize your site to rank in Google, we must actively grow the strength and authority of your website. The companies at the top are consistent.

  • Targeted keyword research & reporting. We find your search audience, we understand what they are typing in Google, and we report to you your rankings. 

  • Content marketing & onsite adjustments. We make sure to perform all the proper website adjustments like content, meta, H-tags, alt-tags, CTA's, etc. as well as add content monthly to grow the site. 

  • Natural outbound & backlink building. Links out and back to your site from other websites and blogs are crucial to the growth of your site. We make sure to acquire and grow links naturally and with relevance.

  • Customer consulting & transparency. You must be in the loop when dedicating your budget too online marketing and SEO. We keep you informed of everything we do, why we do it, and share the results of the success of your campaign.

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John Kortes

Owner | President

Owner | CEO CJ K.

CJ  Kortes

Owner | CEO

The SEO Contractor formed locally in Rockwall as a web design company in 2011. We understand the power of a robust website for your business. Your website is the hub of your company and you need it to speak to your customers. It's time for your company website to begin working for you online.

Web Design Services Rockwall TX

The SEO Contractor formed locally in Rockwall as a web design company in 2011. We understand the power of a robust website for your business online. Our full-service digital marketing will get you found online from multiple channels and drive business through your site.

SEO Services Rockwall TX

Get found in Google by letting us manage your PPC ads. With Google AdWords, we will target the local Rockwall, TX area, and drive additional leads to your website. Attempting paid ads yourself can lead to wrong clicks and wasting your budget. 

PPC Services Rockwall TX

Maybe you already have a team working for you, but you want to make sure they are performing the best for your company. We offer consultations for all of our digital marketing services. Let us take a look at your current situation, and we can consult your team to get even better results.

Consulting Services Rockwall TX
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