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What Does an SEO Contractor Do?

Hello, my name is CJ Kortes and I am one of the founders of The SEO Contractor and an SEO specialist since 2011. Our customers are not SEO specialists but rather business owners looking to leverage search engines to gain leads for their companies. I prefer speaking directly to you, the business owner so that you understand the work we are doing without hearing the technical jargon. Today I want to discuss what an SEO contractor does. This is a big question that many company owners have, and it is an extremely valid question. We can't attest to other SEO agencies, but we know what methods we perform monthly, which are tactics that any good SEO company should be providing for their customers.


Search Engine Optimization for a business requires real work both initially as well as monthly. The problem is that the work is not measured the same as if you were to pay for ads. For instance, if you pay for an advertisement online most likely with Google, then those ads can easily be quantified.

You can see the individual ads created, the impressions those ads show for, and the clicks and calls those ads receive. It's cut and dry and somewhat simple to understand for a contractor who is not in the digital marketing field. The problem with Google ads is that you pay to play, and when you stop paying, you are gone.


When we provide SEO, we are achieving the same results as paid ads, but our workload is much different. For instance, our goal is to get your website and local listings to show in Google as impressions. Someone searches and those listings got to the top of Google and clicked. Once visiting your site, you then hope to receive a call.

It's the SEO workload that becomes confusing to contractors, but it is quite simple. Since we are not paying to get your listings at the top, then how do we get you to the top? The short answer is that we build your website so rich with content and backlinks that it gains high authority with Google.

If Google feels that your website's SEO is stronger then your competition, it means Google believes that your site offers your customers a better user experience and that your site has more relevant content that your customers are seeking.


This strength is why Google chooses to put you at the top above your competition, and we have to get you active. Getting your contractor website to grow its authority is like going to the gym. When you first start, you are the skinny guy in the gym or, in this case, on the internet.

You have to go consistently and do rep after rep targeting all your muscle groups. It might take six months to a year of consistency, but if you don't give up, then you will transform. If you give up, even after a year, you may lose everything slowly over time.


So the reps we do consistently to grow your site are very strategic, but they are also tightly focused. We first research and find the correct keywords that people search, and we target those like a sniper. We can share this data and these words with you because they are measurable. Other tactics include writing content both on the website and off the site.

This content also can be shared with you so you can see what we are writing. We build links back to your site from other websites as well as internal linking within your site. Again these links can be shared with you to see the work we are performing. Lastly, we track your rankings and watch the movement on Google. These rankings can also be shared as reports so you can witness the results of your SEO campaign.


SEO does require real and precise work that can both be shared with you as well as measured for results tracking. If you are working with a current SEO company who can not share their workload with you, then this could be a real problem. It could mean that they are not doing much, because if they were performing the work as mentioned above, then they could also share that work. We share everything with transparency here at The SEO Contractor. If you would like us to take a look at your website rankings and answer any questions you may have, please contact us.


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