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How Long Does SEO Take to See Results?

No one is going to argue against the importance of SEO, which is probably why a smart business accepts it as a necessary expense. After spending a certain amount on SEO, it is natural for you to be hungry for results. The following should help you understand what you can expect after contracting a good SEO company.

Keywords and Natural Language

The first thing you should know about the results you can expect is that things on the internet have changed. There was a time when SEO was all about finding a few keywords to make your page show up at the beginning, but that is nearly impossible to do nowadays.

What you can expect an SEO specialist to do for you is to find long tail search phrases based on natural speech. So, for example, a contractor is probably going to do well with phrases like "sprinkler installation company in Dallas." Part of the reason this is happening is that people are using voice search engines, and that captures natural and specific requests.

It is essential that you contract an expert in your industry, like The SEO Contractor. The goal isn't to rank high with certain keywords but to have specific enough, long tail phrases that will lead people to your page.

Ranking Isn't Golden

Ranking with short keywords is no longer critical because internet search engines have become a little smarter. The whole point is to help internet users find pages that satisfy their needs.

Leads that come from precise queries improves the chances of a sale, so this is a good thing for your business, especially a contractor who depends on having jobs lined up. So the better question to ask is "when should I expect an increase in sales?"

How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

Here is where things get a little dicey because no one can pinpoint precisely when SEO changes will generate the kind of sales you are hoping to get. There are a lot of factors beyond the changes an SEO specialist will make to a site that helps determine the outcome of these changes.

For one, the age of your site could make the outcomes come faster if your site is old enough. The number of updates you've made before these SEO changes could also help produce quicker results.

The average amount of time you have to wait for changes to make a difference in sales is about six months, but those results are only going to improve. It should also be pointed out that results do generally not grow without experiencing dips from time to time.

SEO results require patience, so make sure you are ready to invest the time needed to produce the outcomes. Talk to your SEO specialist if you have additional questions.


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