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If you are reading this then most likely you have had a lot of troubles with SEO companies in the past, and quite frankly you don't trust us!  Why should you trust a service when the company providing it can't even give a good explanation as to exactly what work they are doing.


You get calls and emails every single freaking day from random SEO companies saying the same stuff as they will get you to the top of Google and grow your business with SEO.  You will soon be wealthy, but first, give them thousands of dollars a month!

Maybe you are currently working with a company, but you don't know what they are doing each month? You know that your website doesn't have traffic and you are not getting phone calls.

You may get some reports every now and again, but you don't know how to read them or what they mean, but the company sending them makes it sound as if things are going great.


You want to know what the heck SEO is, and how does someone provide it?  You know that it means your website and business will be on Google, and you know that this is super important.


You also know that your competition is at the top of Google and most likely, they are paying for an agency to get them there because they can't be that lucky. And I am not referring to the paid Google ads either I'm talking about your actual website and local map listing.


My brother and I have been in the SEO business since 2011, working individually with home service companies and contractors.  We have seen and heard the horror stories over and over again, and we understand your pain.


We have saved many companies from bad situations, and we have worked extremely hard to to get their sites gaining traffic.  Google does not teach companies like us SEO because they want us to sell the paid ads rather than organic free listings.

We have to learn from our trial and error as well as other agencies success stories. Over the years, we have delivered much success, but we have also struggled with some websites and industries.  It's just the nature of this business.


This journey has helped shape us and our methods to the point where we can genuinely claim the term SEO specialists.  With this comes great responsibility and to keep our ego in check, we are continually seeking further SEO education.


We want to share our knowledge with you so you that you can do it yourself pass the info to your current SEO company or hire us!



We promise to teach you the core methods that we use monthly that have proven results for our clients and their service companies and contracting businesses.


All we ask is for your name and email so we can send you our training video as well as further educational information.  We hope you enjoy and ask us any questions that you may have during this process.

CJ Kortes & John Kortes

Brothers, Business Partners of 9 Years, & SEO Rockstars

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