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What Is an SEO Contractor?

Getting your website to the top of the search engines and increase web traffic is a daunting task for just one person or team. SEO is a method used by marketers to increase customer engagement and generate more leads. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine search, and 57% of B2B marketers state that SEO creates more leads than any other marketing from a cost to benefit standpoint.

An SEO contractor can help you with your digital marketing efforts to improve customer engagement and improve your bottom line. Here are some key points about what an SEO contractor is and what they should provide:

What Is an SEO Contractor?

An SEO contractor analyzes and reviews websites and their incoming links to provide advice, guidance, and recommendations for business owners. As SEO methods improve and change each year, it is up to the SEO company to keep up with trends to provide expert deliverables for their customers. These deliverables should improve website traffic and engagement rates.

Generally, SEO contractors will have varying services and amounts of expertise. As a rule of thumb, most SEO contractors will provide client marketing objective analysis, web page optimization, keyword research and analysis, keyword mapping, content creation, backlinks, and can provide technical support for SEO.

Understanding Marketing Objectives For The Client

Understanding your market objectives will be first and foremost for any marketing contractor, including the SEO company. In the early stages, the SEO contractor will ask the client about marketing objectives, goals, industry competitive position, business niche, and competitive advantages. The SEO company will provide assistance based on their expertise in the target market.

Optimizing Web Pages According to SEO Best Practice

SEO contractors can help their clients with how their website appears to customers. This process can include executing On-Page SEO mechanical elements, such as H-tags, images, and text formatting. The SEO contractor will also integrate the target keywords into the website itself. This process is especially vital for businesses with new sites that have not been optimized yet.

Keyword Research And Analysis

During this phase of SEO, the contractor will begin research on the keywords that their clients should use. Specifically, they will perform Keyword Prominence Analysis and Latent Semantic Indexing on the website and other online mediums. The contractor will also perform Keyword discovery to find new potential keywords with low competition and high profitability.

Keyword Mapping

The contractor will also match keyword phrases to individual web pages to target specific topics. Keyword planning and implementation strategies can prevent keyword cannibalization problems later down in the marketing pipeline.

Whether you are at the beginning or the late stages in SEO, an SEO contractor can help your online efforts be as cost-efficient as possible while increasing customer engagement. Early on, expert guidance can prevent massive problems down the road. For those with stagnant webpages, SEO contractors can revitalize their SEO.


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