We Are Crazy Because We Are Going To Use Our Time To Give You FREE SEO Research For Your Business...

For the first time ever we are giving away FREE SEO Research to your service business.  We want to show you where you are currently ranked on Google and compare this to your competition.  We know SEO can be confusing and we want to clear this up for you.


Our SEO Research process is the first step we take to begin any SEO campaign because it is so important for all of us to understand how many people are searching for your industry in your local area and where you are currently ranked.  This process is valued between $750 - $1000. With this knowledge, you can decide if an SEO investment makes sense for you as well as gauge the time it will take to move to the top of Google and begin gaining an ROI on your investment.

We will need the entire form on this page filled out before we can begin our research and every field is important for us to be able to complete the research properly.  All we ask from you is that you possess the desire to be in Google and that you please not waste our time if you do not believe in the concept of SEO.

Our FREE research comes with no strings attached and no commitment to use our services in the future. Seeing as we are using very precise time for you, we want to make sure that you have at least a slight desire to move your website to the top of Google.  We also ask that your company please fall within the category of home, business, or professional service provider. 


My brother and I have been in the SEO business since 2011, working individually with home service companies and contractors.  We have seen and heard the horror stories over and over again, and we understand your pain.


We have saved many companies from bad situations, and we have worked extremely hard to to get their sites gaining traffic.  Google does not teach companies like us SEO because they want us to sell the paid ads rather than organic free listings.

We have to learn from our trial and error as well as other agencies success stories. Over the years, we have delivered much success, but we have also struggled with some websites and industries.  It's just the nature of this business.


This journey has helped shape us and our methods to the point where we can genuinely claim the term SEO specialists.  With this comes great responsibility and to keep our ego in check, we are continually seeking further SEO education.


We want to offer your FREE SEO Research to see your current situation and we hope that following this research you will hire us to further improve your SEO rankings!

CJ Kortes & John Kortes

Brothers, Business Partners of 9 Years, & SEO Rockstars

The SEO Contractor

Take advantage while this FREE offer lasts and please fill out the entire form below to get us properly working for you.

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